I know what we did last summer. We had loads of gigs at festivals in our own country and we were enthused to take part in a festival in Hungary, we wrote many new songs...recorded thoughts...ideas...states of mind, conundrums and hopes. Everything was running smoothly, then it started to accelerate upwards once Tudor Giurgiu made his entrance. To our great surprise, he offered to direct one of our videos after he'd seen us on TV and heard our album.

From that moment on the adventure and story started to unfold. We really wanted to shoot the video in Cluj (Bucharest would have lacked complications, but significance as well) and Tudor understood this right away as Cluj is his home town. As a matter of fact, he came up with several filming locations himself. Several scorchingly hot days followed, exhausting explorations and tons of pictures sent to Bucharest all enabled him to make the best decision.

The old paint brush factory 'Perom' in Cluj was our final pick. The multi-storey abandoned buildings gave us a distinct feeling that every stage in life has its uniqueness and irrepeatability. Communist slogans and sketches of workplace safety regulations were now relics hanging uselessly from the walls. Not for long though, as we found out that the building will turn into an art space, with galleries, workshops and stages. We thought about workers who once handled the bristles soon to become brushes - who could have imagined this back then? Everything was to be covered, repainted, converted. Millions of stories painted over. The last days of raw existence of the Perom halls. During one of those days we were lucky enough to film our video for “In a Glimpse”.

It’s fantastic to work with Tudor Giurgiu. Despite the continuous 14 hours of filming, it was spectacular to witness the ways of a professional. There was a lot of improvisation, we tried to get out as much as possible from the old halls and redundant space. Camera operator Vlad Petri was responsible for the visuals, and as you can see, he did a marvellous job. Thank you Tudor. Thank you Vlad. Big thanks to the whole production team.

And in tune with the high production values is the new mix of the song - a job taken up by the British producer and mixer Adam Whittaker, who has worked with well-known artists such as Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Doves and Starsailor. It was an honour to be contacted by Adam, who stumbled upon us on Myspace and offered us his mixing prowess. Our collaboration will certainly not end here.

The outfits in our video were provided by the inspirational avant-garde label Rozalb de Mura. Thank you Olah, Rita, Erika and Dragos for giving us the cheeky opportunity to wear your clothes, which transformed the shooting location into a boundless universe.